If only we could stop it!

Well, we can, if we want to, if we really, really want to, we can give up our super store convenience and go back to the – “good old days – the days before everything was pre packed and prepared for our ‘convenience’ – that’s right, back to the days when we had a true high street, where all the local shops were ‘local’, where the local shop keepers know their customers by name and their shopping preferences, where the butcher helps to select and cut your meat for you, the fishmonger helps you select the freshly caught fish, the green grocer helps you select the best potatoes or cabbage or cauliflower, whatever you need, the baker who saves for you, your favourite loaf.

Where the local shopkeeper serves their local community, where local shopkeepers are interested in you as a person and as a family.

Nothing pre-packed and wrapped in layers of plastic, laid on plastic trays, where fresh food means fresh food not food of all kinds, days or even weeks old, protected by chemicals for a ‘longer’ shelf life –

(and wrapped plastic to keep it ‘fresh’).

or do we just say

Damn! Damn! Good idea but I can’t do that, it would mean missing my favourite reality show.
mmm –
a cleaner, fresher, longer lasting planet for your children, grand children, great grand children to live on!

Even more of a reason that we should do something about pollution now –

– nah! Can’t miss my reality TV and soaps, the future will have to suffer, I need my convenience, let the tree huggers worry about it, it’s not my concern.

Is that the way to treat our future and our children’s future?

or should we stand up and be counted, –

before it is to late to save our beautiful planet.

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