In our very convenient world!

So here we are with our major major problem – dear old Global Warming – AND –

In order that we can all get home earlier to watch our favourite television programme, we need to have everything done for us, so that we can eat our pre packed, pre cooked, frozen dinner, re heated in a microwave oven, eaten off a disposable plastic plate, off a plastic tray sitting in front of our TV’s, (instead of eating at the table as a family and talking with one another about our day).

Everything we buy is supplied in cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, plastic film and plastic trays by the bucketful, it seems as if there is nothing that industry and business will not consider packing in order to save ‘our very important customers‘ (who need everything done for them) precious time and convenience.

A very big problem at the moment is the one the lack of recycling for these ‘convenient’ materials, mountains and mountains of the stuff which cannot be recycled and has to go to land-fill sites, polluting the earth, the seas and the oceans for years and years and years to come.


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