From then to now


I will not deny that many of the problems we have today have occurred because we, the elder generations, have been the cause of, and will continue to be the cause of many of the problems that exist, and will continue to exist and grow.

We cannot help it, ‘Progress’ is bound to happen.

As our knowledge and experiences appear to improve our daily lives, yes, appear to improve our lives. Like it or not, we, the elder generation are now ably assisted by our children, grand children and for some of us, great grand children, we all live in a world and moreover, wish to live in a world where convenience over-rides everything.

Much to my and possibly millions of senior citizens general lack of understanding and in our ignorance, as well as our ongoing search for an ‘easier and more convenient life’. Have allowed all forms of both local and national government and business to take over most of our thinking. We have become ”lazy’, we wanted and still want, the easy life, more money for less work, everything at our fingertips, no need to look or search, it has there waiting for us and to make things worse, we have passed these traits on to our children and grandchildren.

Yes, the era of convenience has well and truly arrived.

As a youngster, all that I can remember, when asked by my mum or dad to ‘nip up’ to the local shops and get a bit of shopping, was everything being supplied loose and given to us in ‘brown paper bags’ be it potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, bacon, liver, lamb chops no matter what it was. Wet produce, like meat and fish was in wrapped by the shopkeeper in waterproof or grease proof paper and put in brown paper bags. No matter which local or high street shop I went into, it was the same, waterproof or grease proof paper and brown paper bags except for the humble ‘white loaf’ now being supplied by the larger bakers. That came in its new form, sliced and wrapped in what was I believe either waterproof or grease proof paper.

It did not seem to matter that it did not taste as nice, it just stayed fresh for longer – convenience.

To my mind, with ‘convenience’ came the eventual demise of the local high street, the local individual baker, butcher, fishmonger, greengrocer and general grocer, etc., etc., etc., began to disappear from our local high street with larger stores taking over to ‘improve our shopping experience and convenience’ with all goods available in those stores ‘pre-packed, pre-wrapped’ ready, off the shelf self service for all.


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