In the beginning!

OK, a bit more of my history. Just to put you in the picture,

I was born in early 1938, which is quite a while ago I agree, but looking back, yeah! I know – ‘rose tinted glasses’ – and all. It did seem better!

Many of the younger generation will say that (in their innocence) “it is all in the eye of the beholder”, simply because they were not there to experience it and even more sadly, appear not been taught anything different in their schooling.

When I was a nipper, virtually every home had either wood. coal or peat to fuel the home fires, hot water came from a kettle, gas or electric boiler or maybe a coal fire back boiler. Some wealthy families had hot water central heating, powered by the local coal fired electricity power stations, meals were cooked in or on ”coal gas” cookers or if you were lucky an electric oven. Most of us had electric lighting but some houses still had gaslights and even paraffin oil lamps. Our local transport systems were, as they are today, cars, lorries, trams, trains, buses including the newest transport system – aeroplanes, were and in the main, as we all know, still are, powered by fossil fuels. Quite a lot of us youngsters were fair weather cyclists, bad weather though saw us on the local buses with our local council issued bus passes. There were though, some youngsters who went to school in their family car, yes, even back in the 1950s parents had started the now all to common, school run. I can remember being amazed when my mum came home from our local grocery store, the ubiquitous corner shop with a presliced white loaf wrapped in what I think was either grease proof or waterproof paper, the start of ‘convenience shopping’.

So there we were, not truly realising it but already both our homes and industry polluting the atmosphere and giving rise to Global Warming – it’s gone down hill rapidly, seemingly faster and faster each year.

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