Should we protest and complain?

Before I get to that, I think I should tell you a little bit more about myself:

 Just over three and a half years ago, I retired from a working life at the age of 78, old age and failing eye sight, not that I can’t see, just that my eyesight was no longer good enough for a professional driver, well, as professional as a taxi driver needs to be.

 The first lesson I learned in retirement was:

Retiring without a personal pension, (which allows one to continue living the ‘good’ and ’carefree’ life), living’ purely on a state pension, in retrospect, is not the fun option. One has to drastically change ones lifestyle. it’s not true, you cannot live on fresh air, sustenance is an essential.

 So to those who find this blog, if you are still young or not so young, get a pension, save your pennies as much as you can, you will need all you can save and maybe more.

 I used to live in a small flat where all the facilities were powered by electricity. For what, in the first place may have been basically financial reasons, I have realised that I had to change my lifestyle drastically. Not just for financial reasons, for now I have realised, that like most of us in the modern or ‘first class’ world we are helping to destroy our beautiful planet.

 Today, I live in a caravan, in a field, lighting is supplied by batteries which are charged by solar cells, my cooking is done with propane gas because so far I have not been able to find an alternative source of heat, (sometimes I do use a barbecue, but not a lot and not in winter).

 I have not owned my own motor car or motorcycle for a decade or more, I either walk or cycle everywhere or jump on a local bus if I need to travel some distance or am in a ’hurry’.

Now it’s back to my heading – Should we protest and complain!

the simple answer is – YES


2 thoughts on “Should we protest and complain?”

  1. I tried to find a reason for this post, but I couldn’t really find one.
    “Protest and complain” – Ah sure, but for what?
    More protection of nature?
    Higher Pension rate on average line?
    Free healthcare so people can treat their eyes?

    And why is this on

    The only thing I can say right now is:
    Yes, the US has its flaws and some of them are well known over decades, but socialism is not the answer.

    1. How about life and conditions in the UK? that’s where I am from! is a universal organisation, it does work in the UK!

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