Why should we protest and complain!

A bit about me so you all know where I am coming from –

It is sad to say that I am of an age where the saying – “it was better when I was young” now seems to me to be more true than ever, to me, life truly was, so much simpler and easier when I was a child.

So, Yes, I am bashing this out on a computer, so that even though I may seem to be “of this time”, I am in fact over 80 years of age and have seen much that I would wish to forget.

Back when I was a member of the ‘younger generation’, disregarding the war years – say 1938 to 1945 – suffering the stresses and strains of my junior schooling years, just like the youngsters of today, my major concerns both before and after lessons were – what will my dear old mum give me for breakfast or my evening meal. Did I have enough paper, pencils or pen and ink to complete my homework. Which of my school friends would be out in the evening playing in the local park, climbing trees which the park-keepers tried to stop us from doing – (by invoking the wrath of the local bobby) – or racing around the green park areas which the park-keepers also tried to stop us from doing.

Sometimes we would be like racing cyclists or long distance runners charging up and down the local roads and of course getting into fights over nothing at all. Well, not really fights, more like pushing and shoving each other around, until we became bored with that and found something far more important to talk and argue about.

 If we were lucky we would be allowed by either our ‘mum’ or ‘dad’,, if we had been well behaved, to listen to the family radio, programmes such as ‘Children’s Hour’ or ‘Dick Barton Special Agent’, but that was only if there was no programmes that mum or dad wanted to listen to.

There was no such thing as television, computers, tablets, mobile phones, (very few families had a landline telephone and even fewer a motor car), all we had were our friends and our imagination to keep us entertained.

However, what we did have, even though in our innocence at that moment in time, we were not aware of it, was the beginnings of Global Warming.

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